Truly Bespoke Furniture

A special future heirloom piece of furniture created in collaboration...

Design and solution focused – we love it when a client comes with an idea and asks us to interpret their vision into reality. This can be both really exciting and challenging and as we work with private and commercial clients across the UK and beyond the furniture pieces, from dining chair and table to moving wardrobe wall or feature staircase, vary tremendously. What each piece has in common is our approach – we listen carefully and explore the idea and it’s intended use in detail with the client, we use high quality, natural materials and a responsible approach to working practice and techniques and whilst we celebrate and learn from traditional practice we are not confined by it. Collaborations of this type are highly successful and truly rewarding, the resultant piece of unique furniture, inspired, designed and created with thought, care and beautiful craftsmanship holds within it an inherent organic sense of accomplishment and relation for both the client and ourselves – the result of a considered process.

Each piece of furniture is made using our beautiful locally (Cumbrian) grown and harvested Hardwoods. Every project is unique and tailored to respond to the client’s requirements and available budget – we urge you to call us if you have a project in mind. We are happy to provide a quick estimate of cost so that you can see if it matches your budget before taking your idea or project further.

If you like our work and would be interested to discuss a personal project please see Commissioning below and contact us for more detailed information, we’d be really happy to talk with you.