We are delighted to work on projects where sustainability, with which we have much affinity, is at the core of the design. From the provenance of our locally grown and harvested hard woods and natural materials, a choice of energy efficient appliances, to design and build approaches that promise longevity, we are creating kitchens to enhance living and being

When an Architect we know asked us to meet a client for whom they were doing a new passive house, to discuss designing and making a kitchen to compliment the space whilst meeting the standards, we were delighted. The house design makes use of a lot of glass to provide natural light and the kitchen was to be part of an open plan kitchen/living space on the ground level but was also open to two sitting areas one on either side of the first floor.

It was therefore important that it also looked good when looking down from the first floor. The couple, keen cooks, required plenty of space for the kitchen to be lively and active, but it was important that it also be visually pleasing to those using the lounge and that the two spaces flow effortlessly into each other.

For this reason, we curved the island creating a breakfast bar fusing kitchen cabinetry with furniture. Natural, sustainable materials have been used, a venting hob with recirculation system, and energy efficient appliances, and the worksurface has been taken right up to the window casing keeping the overall style clean and functional. Elm was chosen for the cabinetry to create an organic sense of warmth, and tones well with blue, a favoured colour represented in many of the art and artifacts owned by the couple.

Design Detail

Working with suppliers of beautiful, functional materials and appliances to complement the integrity of our craftsmanship

From The Customer...

“Sjouke and his small but perfectly formed team have been a joy to work with from beginning to end. He listened to our ideas and wants, and created a beautiful Elm kitchen. It is the hub of our new build home, and we love it. We have now asked him to create some wall units and a table for the living dining kitchen space, to create a flowing design that we will be forever proud of. This is my first ever review, as I usually avoid them, but workmanship like this needs shouting about.”


The Lindale Elm

Our priorities were to create maximum function within a timeless design that was sympathetic to the natural surrounding environment.

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The Lancaster Elm Kitchen

The design, we felt, needed to be simple and fresh but warm. We added bookcases, shelving, lighting and storage. Everything is designed with careful consideration to use; flow, ergonomics and available light.

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The Windermere Elm Kitchen

The large space works beautifully with a linear focus, and there are signs everywhere of our love of horizontal lines; drawers, shelving, cladding..

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The Hampsfield Fell Elm

The home is open-plan and we were mindful of proportion and aesthetics as the kitchen was open to both the dining area, drinks bar and a lounge.

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The Cartmel Fell Ash Kitchen

It needed to be made from sustainable, honest materials and sit comfortably in the space which also comprises the dining room and informal family 'connection' space.

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