A kitchen designed and made to echo the beautiful natural surroundings and an abundance of light and space. We have really focused on the lovely local Elm, using both linear lines and curves to create subtle drama

These clients were having an extension to their existing property to comprise a large open plan kitchen dining area, a pantry and a dog room.

Floor to ceiling windows along the south facing wall make the most of a panoramic view of a bubbling brook, fields, and woodland. There is a lot of natural light and a feeling of connection with the nature that surrounds.

The family love to entertain and host, there needed to be plenty of space to move around, lots of storage to reduce clutter and large workspaces to prepare and share feasts. Interested, themselves in interior design and joinery, they share a love of wood and were looking for a modest wow factor that would celebrate the timber and the craftsmanship!

The light and the view dominate the space, Elm was used to harmonise with the surrounding nature during daylight, and to offer a feeling of warmth and restfulness once the sun goes down.

The large space works beautifully with a linear focus, and there are signs everywhere of our love of horizontal lines; drawers, shelving, cladding.. Balancing this is the curved island encouraging flow whilst offering a breakfast bar and hosting table. We added small idiosyncrasies as the process unfurled like the ‘smile’ handle and the pull out recycling cupboard to purposefully use an otherwise un-utilised space.

Design Detail

Working with suppliers of beautiful, functional materials and appliances to complement the integrity of our craftsmanship

From The Customer...

“Hout provided us with a bespoke hand-crafted kitchen in Elm. The project was planned in September and was completed by May on schedule and to our full satisfaction. Hout is a small company and prides itself in the quality of work delivered rather than haste. The end product is of exceptionally high standard and is extremely good value for money. I would not hesitate in using Hout again or recommending them to my friends and family.”


The Lindale Elm Kitchen

Our priorities were to create maximum function within a timeless design that was sympathetic to the natural surrounding environment.

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The Lancaster Elm Kitchen

The design, we felt, needed to be simple and fresh but warm. We added bookcases, shelving, lighting and storage. Everything is designed with careful consideration to use; flow, ergonomics and available light.

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The Hampsfield Fell Elm

The home is open-plan and we were mindful of proportion and aesthetics as the kitchen was open to both the dining area, drinks bar and a lounge.

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The Greystoke Elm Kitchen

The couple, keen cooks, required plenty of space for the kitchen to be lively and active, but it was important that it also be visually pleasing.

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The Cartmel Fell Ash Kitchen

It needed to be made from sustainable, honest materials and sit comfortably in the space which also comprises the dining room and informal family 'connection' space.

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